How do i receive an advance?

Applications for our funding solutions are below. Certain criteria must be met for each option so please be sure to fill out your application as accurately as possible.

Do I have to pay a fee to apply?

There is no fee to apply.

Do I earn enough royalties to work with you?

Every situation is unique and is assessed as such however, a general rule is that you have to have some earnings to be considered for funding. HIGHVIBES recommends royalty income of at least £4,000 a year to ensure that advances will recoup. Our partners have similar requirements.

How quickly can I receive an advance?

Most of our advances are funded in days or weeks, not months. Of course this is dependent on HIGHVIBES receipt of the application and requested supporting documentation in a complete and timely manner. Our partners work along a similar timeline of funding projects generally within days to weeks.

What are interest rates associated with this?

Every funding opportunity is unique and structured to mitigate risk to the lender. HIGHVIBES has more flexibility around interest and fees in addition to conditions specific to your distro deal that would come along with an advance. Our partners operate with similar conditions and, in addition, may have certain fees and rates depending on the funding opportunity.

Why do you have funding partners?

HIGHVIBES knows that one size does not fit all in matters of funding your career progression. We offer a variety of options so that our client base can achieve their full potential.

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Apply For Funding

Advance up to 8x of your annual streaming income. Keep 100% of your rights. Fees and conditions from LalaFund apply. Funding in days to weeks.

We distribute music + provide funding! You own your rights and we recoup from royalties. Flexibility around interest, subject to approval, diligence and conditions. Funding in days to weeks.

About the Service and Partners

HIGHVIBES issues advances directly for artists and labels that qualify via the application process. Additionally, we are partnered with LalaFund and chordCash to give our clients even more funding options. Please read more about each option below.



Keep Control of Your Copyrights

You get to retain the rights to your music while getting the upfront cash you need. Even better, our program is structured so that you continue to receive income — no 100% recoupment, as is typical in the industry.

HIGHVIBES has partnerships with several funding solutions to help artists advance in their careers while retaining their ownership.
Access to funding is limited strictly to HIGHVIBES clients.

Funding Solutions 

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