Why You Need UPC Code to Sell Your Music

    A UPC is a 12-digit “universal product code” and is similar to a barcode or serial number. It provides your release a unique identity. All releases are required to have a unique UPC and we take care of assigning them to releases. 

    UPC music barcodes (or Universal Product Code) is the way in which products get identified. It is what enables products to be sold, tracked and reordered through supply chains. Without the correct product identification, it will cause issues with the supply chain.

    The UPC barcode is the starting point to ensure product identification is right. The barcode symbology is broadly used throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand. Additionally in other countries for tracking trade items in stores.

    You may decide to sell your record as a CD in a shop or as a digital version on iTunes. A barcode is still needed in order to track those sales. 

    In summary, it is really important you get this right as any barcode mistakes can be very costly if not properly implemented. UPC barcodes are important for musicians because they provide a unique identifier for their music.

    This makes it easier for retailers to track and identify the music, which helps them to ensure they are selling the correct version of the artist’s music.

    If you are a record label, a music distributor or aggregator and want to distribute your content catalog worldwide using Highvibes platform, just talk to us and get your UPC code for free. 


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