Using TikTok as a Musician: 15 Content Concepts for Increasing Your Follower Base

    Running short on inspiration for your next TikTok video that could go viral? If your content calendar needs a boost, don't worry. We have compiled a list of 15 fantastic content ideas to help you expand your TikTok fan base, increase your music's visibility to thousands of potential listeners, and enhance your online presence worldwide.

    And the best part? You're free to use these ideas.



    15 TikTok Content Ideas for Musicians

    We all know TikTok is currently the most engaging app available. That's no surprise. But what's even more exciting is how the content on TikTok is constantly evolving.

    If you use the app, you’re familiar with this. One day you’re scrolling through quirky food dance trends, and the next you’re bombarded with videos of the nosy rat face filter. It’s a rollercoaster.

    When you start releasing music on TikTok, you'll need to come up with some viral-worthy content ideas that both promote your music and boost your presence as a TikTok user.

    No more delays. Let's dive into ideas 1 through 15!



    1. Post cover versions

    Let's start with an obvious one: cover versions. Cover songs are a huge part of TikTok's most shared content and are accessible for all types of artists, whether soloists, bands, or DJs. They help grow your audience by drawing in listeners through familiar songs, eventually leading them to your original music.

    Many musicians already share cover clips on TikTok, so ensure your posts meet or exceed the platform's standards. This means using a simple recording setup, a good camera or smartphone, and delivering a well-rehearsed performance.

    To make your cover stand out, consider adding your own twist to the song—changing its style or genre, going acapella, or using unique techniques for a distinct sound.

    Don't forget to tag the original artist! This can increase your chances of getting a response or a re-share, giving you greater exposure to larger audiences.



    2. Engage with trends

    Trends are essential to TikTok, whether you enjoy them or not. Lip-syncing, seamless transitions, photo challenges, and group TikTok trends all fuel the platform's algorithm and are a great way to grow your audience and get noticed.
    Even established artists benefit from participating in TikTok trends. You could also get creative and start your own trend to share with your followers, building momentum around it.


    Here are some of the current trends you should be aware of:

    - #Afrobeats

    - #NewMusic

    - #Euro2024

    - #CopaAmerica

    - #OnTour

    - #Trendsoftheweek

    - #MentalHealthAwareness



    3. Create duets and collaborations

    TikTok’s duet feature is currently one of the app’s most popular tools. It allows users to create response videos to others' content.

    While regular users often make reaction videos, artists and creatives can use the duet feature to add their unique twist to a video.

    Creating duet content is advantageous as it's a quick way to tap into another artist's fanbase and is straightforward since half of the content is already provided.

    Duets are also an excellent method for artists to network with other creatives on the app. Engaging with music influencers and brands through duets can attract attention from the original content creators, opening doors for future collaborations.

    Additionally, you can invite other artists and fans to duet with your videos.



    4. Respond to comments directly through video responses.

    TikTok offers a unique feature where you can record a video response directly to a user's comment. If a comment on your video catches your attention, you can use this feature to film a reply that appears alongside the original comment on your page. It's perfect for interacting with your followers, taking song requests, and generating content ideas based on audience feedback. This interactive tool not only showcases your musical abilities but also boosts engagement through user-generated content.



    5. Sharing unreleased demos

    On TikTok, you have the opportunity to test out unreleased demos and gather instant feedback from your audience. Posting previews of tracks you're currently working on allows you to gauge which ones resonate most with your fans. Identifying a standout favorite can guide your decisions on which track to prioritize for release and promotional efforts.



    6. Create content that showcases your daily life

    Adding personal content alongside your music promotions on TikTok not only keeps your feed dynamic but also strengthens connections with your audience. Vlogging-style videos, popular on platforms like YouTube, can be created using TikTok’s 'stitch' feature to compile short snippets of your daily life into a cohesive narrative, offering glimpses into both ordinary moments and special events. Whether it’s sharing your morning coffee routine or clips from a live performance, embracing a casual approach can enhance engagement and authenticity.



    7. Share your journey

    Documenting your current project or creative journey is an effective way to engage your followers and keep them coming back. By sharing updates on TikTok, fans can stay informed about your latest developments and be the first to hear about new music releases. You can also delve into your music career history—where you started, how you've progressed, and what your future plans entail. TikTok's Photo Slideshow feature is ideal for showcasing behind-the-scenes moments and exclusive photos, adding variety to your content feed.



    8. Bring on the humor!

    Let your natural charm shine and entertain your fans with humorous sketches or skits. Align these with trending hashtags on TikTok to maximize engagement. This content doesn't necessarily have to be music-focused, but integrating music-related humor can add an extra layer of appeal. Create witty song lyrics that relate to current internet trends, ensuring your humor can appeal broadly while also resonating deeply with specific interest groups.



    9. Showcase your talents

    Share your musical expertise by demonstrating how you create a new hook, write lyrics, or practice a riff. Many aspiring musicians on TikTok are eager to learn and improve their skills, so take the opportunity to educate and engage them effectively.



    10. Give your fans an insider's look

    Authentic behind-the-scenes footage is incredibly valuable for engaging fans. It provides a glimpse into your life as a musician, offering an exclusive look at what happens behind the scenes. Whether you're on tour, in the studio, or working on other aspects of your music career like merchandise or album artwork, these videos offer fans a unique perspective into your creative process and daily activities.



    11. Organize a live streaming event or a Q&A session

    The convenience of digital music allows you to perform live for a large audience, whether from your bedroom, studio, or any favorite spot. TikTok now supports live streaming through its 'Live' feature, offering flexibility in duration for events like musical performances or engaging Q&A sessions, which are highly popular among followers and influencers across various platforms. Keep fans informed through announcements on social media and encourage interaction by inviting questions during the live stream.



    12. Share the playlists you love (include your own music!)

    Not only do you create awesome music, but you're also a music enthusiast! Sharing your current favorite tracks on TikTok is a simple way to connect with others who share your taste in music, potentially turning them into fans and followers. You can create videos suggesting, "If you enjoy these tunes, you might like my music too," cleverly integrating your own tracks into playlists. Alternatively, you can curate playlists for various moods and occasions to engage your audience.



    13. Break down or analyze a song

    This is for all the music producers and literary enthusiasts out there.

    Break down your song's instrumental in a straightforward manner to demonstrate to fans how you arrived at the final version. Begin with the complete song and gradually deconstruct it, removing various elements and layers until only the core beat or manuscript remains.

    Alternatively, for those interested in literature, create a video analyzing the lyrics and exploring the meanings behind a song, whether it's one of your favorites or one of your own compositions!



    14. Show off your dance skills—or try out some new moves!

    Creating a dance routine to one of your tracks is an excellent way to attract attention on TikTok. It doesn't need to be overly complex; a simple sequence that's easy to follow will engage viewers more effectively. Encourage fans to participate by posting their own versions and consider running a contest with a prize for the best video, using a dedicated hashtag to track submissions.



    15. Focus on your local community or audience

    TikTok thrives on content that is tailored to specific local communities.

    Similar to other social media platforms, TikTok's algorithm is influenced by location-based targeting and geo-tagging. If you're active on TikTok, you've likely noticed that your feed is often filled with content related to your region or local community.

    Therefore, creating content that resonates with your local community and its residents is a great strategy. It not only highlights your hometown but also connects you with listeners who live there. Make sure to include location information in your videos and use popular hashtags related to your area in the video captions. For instance, Hazey141, a rapper from Liverpool, tags #Liverpool in his top TikTok videos to celebrate his city.

    You could showcase a tour of your hometown, featuring famous landmarks and attractions, take viewers to your favorite local spots like a renowned coffee shop known for its delicious cinnamon buns, or introduce local slang and invite fans to guess its meaning.

    With your local expertise, the possibilities for engaging content are limitless. Remember, the more captivating and unique your content, the higher your chances of gaining verification on TikTok.



    Now that you've explored these ideas, it's your chance to begin sharing fresh and engaging content on TikTok! Incorporate these concepts into your next music marketing strategy, and you'll be on the path to gaining recognition and success on TikTok.


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