• Delivering Dolby Atmos Files To Apple and TIDAL

    Apple and TIDAL are currently accepting manual deliveries of Dolby Atmos mixes while we develop the feed to deliver them through our supply chain. Amazon is not accepting manual deliveries, but it will be included once we roll out the feature.

    To send your Dolby Atmos files to Apple and TIDAL, please follow the below instructions:




    Note that 10 days of lead time is necessary to ensure a specific release date for Dolby Atmos.

    1. Avoid distributing the standard stereo version of your release to Apple. It is faster if we can distribute your Dolby Atmos release first. For TIDAL you can distribute your standard stereo release.
    2. Issue a support ticket with the subject "Dolby Atmos - UPC: XXXX" and include the following in the body:
      1. URL link to the file on a public server (Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure, S3, etc.) that triggers a direct download of the file when the link is clicked.
      2. UPC and ISRC codes.
      3. Specify which DSPs should we send the mix to.


    We'll take it from here and send your Dolby Atmos files to the corresponding DSPs.




    Make sure that your Doly Atmos files comply with Apple and TIDAL's technical specs:

    • Apple Dolby Atmos Technical Specs
      • ADM BWF (.wav) file.
      • All audio tracks must be 24-bit LPCM audio at 48kHz.


    • TIDAL Dolby Atmos Technical Specs
      • ADM BWAV (.wav)
      • Minimum required sample rate of 48 kHz and a bit depth of 24 bits
      • The file must be created with a 24fps timecode and provided as an ADM BWAV file.
      • No additional silence at the start of the deliverable when compared to the corresponding stereo deliverable.
      • The file end should be 0ms from the end of the track including any fade out.
      • 48kHz BWAV ADM Binaural Render Mode should be set for all channels
      • All deliverables should be conformed and synced to the original stereo reference master.
      • Loudness Target: -18LKFS based on ITU-R BS. 1770-4 recommendations. Peaks should not exceed True Peak: -1dBTP
      • Binaural metadata is present in all ADM output and should be checked before Master creation to ensure correctness.
  • How To Distribute A DJ Mix To Apple Music

    In order to distribute a DJ mix to Apple Music, you'll need to meet a few metadata requirements. Here's what you need to know to successfully deliver a DJ mix.


    Just to be clear, A DJ mix is "an album containing multiple tracks overlaid or otherwise mixed together for continuous play." 


    1. DJ Mix albums must NOT be delivered as a single audio file. It does need to be delivered as separate tracks.
    2. The release must list the DJ or artist at the album level and identify them as primary.
    3. Tracks that appear on DJ mixes must list the original artists as primary.
    4. DJ Mix albums must include a title version of "(DJ Mix)" in the album-level version information. 
    5. Mixed tracks appearing on a DJ Mix must include the title version [Mixed] after all other version information.

    Here's an example:

     Album Title  4 To the Floor Presents Nu Groove (DJ Mix)
     Album Artist  Luke Solomon (Primary)
     Track Title  Tech Trax Inc. (Xplanitory Mix) [Mixed]
     Track Artist  Tech Trax Inc. (Primary)