HIGHVIBES DISTRIBUTION  - Independent music distributor & publisher based in Ghana has unveiled empowerment programs for music creators across the continent. Following its announcement in Q3 2020 in which Highvibes partnered with Songtrust to empower 1 Million music creators.


    Some of the programs outlined by Highvibes include but not limited to - Expansion of its  publishing & music distribution structure for music creators and artist marketing funding while creators would still own their masters.


    Music producers across the continent are facing difficulties in getting proper credit for their publishing royalties, Highvibes partnership with Songtrust is already filling that bridge with over 10,000 producers now represented by Highvibes Publishing.


    Co-Founder & Country manager Nigeria - Highvibes Distribution “Paul Adeogun” - “Since the establishment of HighVibes Distribution in 2019, music creators have been able to have easier access to their royalties.


    Highvibes is a simple tool to use for artists at any stage of their career; Built on the flexibility of Ditto’s technology, Artists have access to distribute their content to over 260 stores worldwide while they'll still own 100% of their masters. Highvibes currently has artists across 40 countries with over 1Million songs distributed.


    “Welbeck Tawiah” - Head of Publishing and Artist Services 

    “I joined Highvibes in 2020 and immediately saw the vision to inspire artists across the continent mostly in the publishing aspect. Over 60000 songs are being published each month through Songtrust. We currently have over 1,000,000 songs properly registered for publishing.


    With funding being a major obstacle for independent artists, Highvibes has launched its virtual card which has been pre-funded with $5,000,000.

    The virtual card is available to all new and existing Highvibes artists and it's been pre-funded in other to make artist promotion easier on digital platforms.


    “Doctor Maringa” - Country Manager - South Africa

    “Several artists in South Africa are now distributing their songs through Highvibes due to the uniqueness of  our service, with a steady growth rate of 13.2% weekly Highvibes presence in South Africa is growing rapidly.


    About Highvibes

    Highvibes is a 100% independent online music distributor and publisher founded by Adeogun Paul, Doe Dornyo and Ogunade Gbolahan in February 2019. Its mission is to serve as the easiest tool for artists across Africa to get their songs on the world's leading digital services, like Apple Music and Spotify. With offices across Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria, Highvibes is helping artists to reach and connect with a global audience. For more information, please visit their website at http://highvibesdistribution.com/.



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