How To Work With a Manager

    The artistic side of the music industry tends to get more attention but without the people working behind the scenes. Music managers are largely known for playing a big role in the artists career in terms of creating strategy for the artist and walking alongisde with them as they execute against it. Bear in mind we have different type of managers in the industry but the first and basic one you need is Talent Manager. 

    For one to work with a manager you first need to learn and absorb, understand you cant hide any agenda from your manager and understand the business and the role you need to play as an artist. Then, hire a manager that you have investigated, researched and referenced. Don’t be lazy. Do the business yourself and learn how it’s done before you turn it over to someone else to do for you. Wait until it is absolutely necessary, no matter the outside pressure, the countless recommendations, and the “connected” people courting you. When the time is right, choose wisely.


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