How to Submit Music To Spotify Playlists Directly

    Artists and labels can now directly submit music to Spotify's editorial teams for playlist consideration, providing a more accessible opportunity for emerging musicians to get featured on official playlists. While submission doesn't guarantee placement, it's a straightforward process and highly beneficial for any artist uploading music to Spotify.


    How to Submit Music for Spotify Playlists

    Here’s how the process works:

    1. Log in to Spotify for Artists or sign up using a desktop computer. Navigate to the 'Music' section in your artist dashboard and select 'Upcoming' to find your unreleased music.

    2. Choose the unreleased track you wish to submit from this section of your dashboard.

    3. For albums or EPs, select one track for submission.

    4. Fill out the playlist submission form, providing detailed information about the track.


    Before you proceed with submitting your music, it's crucial to remember a few important points to increase your chances of being considered and featured.

    • Only tracks that have not been released yet can be considered for playlists. This means you need to distribute your music and then pitch it for playlist consideration between the time of delivery and your release date.
    • You can only submit one track at a time. Once a track has been released, you can then submit another unreleased song.
    • Submit your track at least 7 days before your planned release date. More lead time is beneficial, so ensure this fits into your broader music marketing strategy ahead of any new release.
    • Provide comprehensive information about your music. Spotify requires detailed data to match your music with suitable playlists. Editors search for new music based on the information you provide, so including details about genre, mood, and other relevant aspects of your track enhances your chances.
    • The submission process is only available on a desktop computer and not on mobile devices.


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