How To Get Verified On Spotify in 2024

    Getting verified as an artist on Spotify is essential and straightforward. Every artist on the platform can get verified, and the process is simple. Beyond the appealing blue tick next to your name, verification offers numerous benefits. It not only legitimizes your profile to fans and listeners but also unlocks valuable features that help market and promote your music on Spotify. We've simplified the process into a few easy steps for you.


    How to Get Verified on Spotify as an Artist

    Step 1: Claim Your Profile on Spotify for Artists
    First, make sure your music is available on Spotify.

    Once your music is live, visit artists.spotify.com to claim your profile.

    Click on the three (3) horizontal dashes menu icon in the top right corner, then select "Get Access" from the dropdown menu.


    Step 2: Confirm Your Account

    Next, log in with your Spotify credentials to confirm your account.

    Spotify will then authenticate your identity to ensure it's really you.


    Step 3: Search for Your Artist Profile

    After confirming your account, choose whether you are claiming the profile as an artist/manager or a label team member.

    You can locate your artist profile by searching for it or by pasting a URL link.


    Step 4: Provide Information About Yourself

    Spotify will ask you to fill out some details about the artist profile you are claiming. This includes:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Business Email
    • Role i.e Artist, Manager etc
    • Company (if applicable)


    Step 5: Verify Your Profile Submission

    To complete the verification process, connect to your Instagram or Twitter accounts, or provide a link to your official artist website.

    Then, click "Submit."

    That's it! You're done in just a few simple steps.


    Keep in mind that it may take a few days for Spotify to confirm your verification submission. You'll know you're verified when the blue tick appears next to your artist name.

    For a visual guide, check out Spotify’s official video on the verification submission process!




    Why Should Artists Get Verified on Spotify?

    Why is getting verified on Spotify so important?

    Get ready to be impressed.

    The little blue tick does more than just authenticate and legitimize you to fans and listeners. Like TikTok verification, Spotify verification comes with exciting benefits. These features help you define your brand, learn about your listeners, and access artist-specific tools.

    As a verified Spotify Artist, you can:


    Update Your Profile Image

    This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your impressive press shots! Updating your profile image will make your profile look more professional and legitimate. It also helps convey the aesthetic of your music to new listeners searching for fresh tracks.


    Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists

    One of Spotify for Artists' standout features is the option to submit your music for consideration in Spotify's own editorial playlists.

    Keep in mind, you can only pitch music that hasn't been released yet, and there's a specific procedure to follow. For more details on pitching for editorial playlists and getting featured across Spotify playlists, check out these resources: Spotify's playlist submission process.


    Edit your Spotify Artist bio

    Update your Spotify Artist biography to include details about your musical influences, inspirations, personal reflections, or any biographical notes that would interest your fans.

    You can also mention recent gigs or performances, as well as any awards or nominations you've received to enhance your credibility.


    View streaming analytics

    Spotify verification allows you to access and view streaming analytics for your Spotify Artist profile. This includes statistics on your listeners, monthly listeners, followers, and your top 200 songs.


    Access Spotify’s “Artist’s Pick”

    Accessing Spotify’s “Artist’s Pick” is an exclusive feature available through Spotify for Artists. This feature allows you to:

    • Pin a track, album, or playlist at the top of your Spotify profile, making it easy to promote your own music or share what you're currently listening to with fans.
    • Share gig and tour dates directly on your Spotify profile, enabling you to engage directly with potential attendees.
    • Customize the images for your Artist’s Pick features, showcasing your own artwork or selecting visuals that best represent the featured items.


    Verifying your profile on Spotify is essential for enhancing your music promotion efforts on the platform. Verification not only boosts your credibility with fans and playlist curators but also unlocks a range of exclusive features that can significantly enhance your engagement and visibility within the platform.

    Ready to take your Spotify presence to the next level? Apply for verification now!


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