How to Get Verified on Music Platforms & Edit Your Profile

    Securing verification and updating your artist profile on Spotify, Apple Music, and other stores is crucial for establishing your credibility and presence as a musician online.

    Furthermore, on certain music platforms, verification grants you access to features like editing your artist bio, adding social media links, uploading images, and much more.

    To learn how independent artists can get verified, change their profile image, and edit their information on each of the major music platforms, continue reading below.



    Verify and manage artist profiles across various music stores


    Once your music is uploaded to Spotify and accepted, you can automatically verify your profile and manage your artist page by signing up for Spotify for Artists.

    Once you have access to your Spotify for Artists account, you can update your profile picture, edit your bio, upload tour dates, monitor your streams, pitch for playlists, and perform other actions.

    For more details on getting verified on Spotify, explore further resources.


    Apple Music

    Once Apple Music approves your initial release, you can register with Apple Music for Artists to verify your artist profile and monitor global streaming data.

    While it offers fewer editing features compared to Spotify for Artists, you can still update your artist profile picture through Apple Music for Artists. Additionally, you can track searches for your music via Shazam.

    For more information on getting verified on Apple Music, explore further details.



    Amazon Music

    Amazon Music for Artists provides comprehensive insights into your music's performance globally and allows you to manage your artist page.

    It includes detailed streaming analytics and supports integration with Twitch for live streaming. Explore further details on how to get verified on Amazon Music.




    Deezer's artist services platform, Deezer Backstage, enables artists to claim and verify their profiles after releasing music on Deezer. Through Deezer Backstage, artists can manage their profiles by updating images, bios, social links, tour information, and playlists. Additionally, they can access detailed analytics about their streams and more.

    Learn more about how to get verified on Deezer.



    YouTube Music

    Once you've claimed your Official Artist Channel on YouTube Music, you gain the ability to oversee and modify your profile. Official Artist Channels must be requested for setup, so if you wish to claim yours, please reach out to support@highvibesdistribution.com. Please note that setting up and verifying your channel may require some time, so we appreciate your patience.





    Tidal does not offer a self-service artist platform similar to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Deezer. To update any information on your Tidal artist page, please contact support@highvibesdistribution.com.



    Other stores

    Not all music stores allow artists to verify their profiles and update information directly through services like Spotify for Artists.

    However, platforms such as Tivo and AllMusic automatically distribute biographies and images to various global music platforms, making it beneficial to register and provide your details. You can learn more about submitting your details to Tivo.

    Signing up for multiple artist platforms enables you to monitor your streams, manage your artist pages, and potentially submit your music for playlist consideration in some instances.


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