How To Get An Official Artist Channel on YouTube

    Official Artist Channels are created to enable artists and their teams to maximize their YouTube experience. By upgrading your channel, you'll gain access to analytics and tools to engage with millions of fans and better manage your presence on the platform.


    What are Official Artist Channels on YouTube?

    YouTube’s Official Artist Channels consolidate all of an artist’s content from YouTube and Vevo into one dedicated channel. These channels are split into two main sections:

    • Album Section
    • Official Music Videos

    YouTube organizes your discography into the album section and compiles all your official music videos into a playlist. While these two sections are locked and uneditable, you still have the freedom to arrange the rest of your channel’s page as you like.


    How to create your Official Artist Channel

    To be eligible for an Official Artist Channel on YouTube, you must meet these requirements:

    1. Own and operate a YouTube channel that represents you, your band, or the artist you represent.
    2. Have at least three music releases on YouTube through your music distributor.
    3. Have no policy violations on your channel.

    Once you apply for an Official Artist Channel, YouTube will notify you if your channel is accepted.

    To apply for an Official Artist Channel, send an email to support@highvibesdistribution.com with the following details:

    * Email
    * Payee ID
    * Artist Name
    * Artist Country
    * Artist's Owned & Operated Channel Link
    * Artist's Vevo Channel Link (if applicable)
    * Artist's Topic Channel Link

    Ensure your channel name is your artist name, with proper capitalization and spacing to improve search visibility. Avoid adding unnecessary words like 'Official' or 'Real'.



    Why should you claim your Official Artist Channel?

    All your music and videos in one place

    Official Artist Channels consolidate all your content, including music videos, lyrics videos, cover songs, live performances, and more, into a single dedicated channel.

    Enhanced visibility in search results

    Official Artist Channels improve your visibility in YouTube search results. When fans search for you on YouTube, they'll find a direct link to your Official Artist Channel in the watch card on the right side of the screen.

    Unified presence

    A single channel where you can engage directly with your fans on YouTube, consolidating all your subscribers and enabling you to oversee your presence across YouTube, YouTube Music, and Charts from one central location.

    Organised content

    We automatically arrange your music content into an album section and your official music videos into a new playlist, regardless of whether the content originates from a topic or label channel. You can choose to relocate, remove, or add back these automatically generated music sections on your channel as needed.

    Analytics tailored for artists

    Comprehensive insights into your YouTube performance, encompassing videos you've uploaded, those from your label or Vevo, and even Shorts featuring your music from other channels.

    Promotional capabilities

    Select content to highlight in the featured video slot and promote upcoming concert schedules.




    What about VEVO?

    Even though YouTube has introduced Official Artist Channels, Vevo remains a crucial platform. It's essential to have your music videos on Vevo to fully capitalize on potential royalty earnings.

    YouTube requires a minimum of 1,000 subscribers before royalties can be paid out. If you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, you won't receive any earnings. In contrast, Vevo does not impose a subscriber threshold, allowing you to start earning immediately upon setting up your channel.

    It's advisable to establish your presence on Vevo promptly to secure earnings while working towards reaching 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. Keep in mind that YouTube's Official Artist Channel consolidates multiple artist accounts, including subscriber counts from YouTube Official, YouTube Artist, and Vevo.

    Here's how to get your music videos on Vevo.


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