How to Craft an EPK for Musicians

    If you're aiming to secure more gigs in 2024, whether you're an independent artist reaching out to promoters for shows or a cover band seeking representation from an entertainment agent, the key advice remains consistent: a well-constructed EPK is essential.

    Once your EPK is prepared for distribution, it will facilitate your outreach to promoters and venues, making it easier to showcase your music to a wider audience. Ready to begin? Let's dive in.



    Electronic press kit guide for artists

    What is an EPK?

    An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is a crucial document that effectively represents your music. It should include direct links to your music, website, and social media profiles, serving as a central hub to introduce your band and its essence.

    When crafting an EPK, it's essential to consider how it will be perceived by promoters or artist managers. Put yourself in their shoes and ensure the information is clear, concise, and provides all necessary details upfront.



    What should be incorporated into your EPK:

    Links to your music

    Whether your music is available on Apple Music or uploaded to platforms like Audiomack or YouTube, ensure it's prominently featured in your Electronic Press Kit. Primarily, promoters and bookers are interested in hearing your music right away.

    For original artists, focus on promoting your latest single or upcoming shows, and include direct links to platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or others.

    Consider including a free download option as part of your EPK strategy, as some artists have found this approach effective for promotion.

    High-resolution photography

    Professional photos of your band are crucial for any EPK. Promoters will use these images for posters and on an entertainment agent’s roster.

    When planning a photo-shoot, aim for a unique concept. While classic themes like rock bands posing against a graffiti wall are timeless, it's better to come up with an original idea. Hiring a professional photographer can significantly help.

    Including a PNG image of your band logo for promoters and venues to use in event promotional materials is also a good idea.

    Find out more about taking press shots that are perfect for your EPK.



    Your website and social media profiles

    As with any outreach emails or advertisements, your website should provide additional, detailed information for potential clients or managers, so ensure it is included in your EPK. Include all your social media links and keep them regularly updated. Promoters and agents often use social media to gauge how active, busy, and popular a band is, so stay on top of your music marketing.

    While having numerous Facebook likes or Twitter followers may seem impressive, the key is to have an audience that actively engages with your posts and is likely to attend your shows. Avoid the temptation to purchase fake likes, as no promoter will be pleased to book a band with 122,000 Instagram followers if they can't draw even 10 people to a hometown show on a Saturday night.

    Effectively managing and growing a genuine social media following, along with regular fan engagement, can significantly enhance your chances of securing more bookings.




    Next up is your artist biography. This section should be the main text block of your EPK, highlighting your band’s achievements and recent performances at notable venues. Mention the bands you've supported, any endorsements you have, and provide some background information on the band and its members.

    Starting your biography with a recent press quote, if available, is always a good idea. It's recommended to have both a long and short version of your biography prepared; your EPK should contain the long version.

    This section is crucial for anyone wanting to learn about your band, so ensure the spelling and grammar are perfect and have it proofread to ensure it looks and sounds professional. If writing isn't your strong suit, ask your manager for assistance.



    Quotes and testimonials from the press

    If you have any positive reviews, be sure to include a select quote from each, along with a link to the source. Testimonials from industry figures are also valuable. For function bands, it's crucial to include quotes from previous clients. Below are some example quotes you might feature in your EPK:

    "An electrifying performance that left the crowd wanting more!" - Music Magazine

    "A true testament to their genre, delivering every note with passion and precision." - Industry Insider

    Positive press quotes can grab a promoter's attention, but always support them with links.




    High-quality video footage is crucial for both original acts and function bands to secure more shows.

    For function bands, create a promotional video with live performance clips and some information about your band. The more original and eye-catching, the better, as entertainment agents look for standout promo videos.

    Original acts should focus on live performance videos for their EPKs, which are more valuable to promoters and potential managers than storyboarded music videos.

    Providing YouTube links is sufficient and can also enhance your SEO and Google ranking when included on your website.



    Your contact information

    Ensure that you list current contact information for all band members, agents, and managers, with at least two designated as primary points of contact.

    Once your EPK is finalized, ensure it's easily accessible. Consider creating a Dropbox link for distribution or making it downloadable directly from your website.


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