How to Claim Your Amazon Music for Artists Profile

    Amazon Music has introduced a new analytics tool for artists, similar to Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists, providing insights into your releases and identifying your audience.



    How to Claim Your Amazon Music for Artists Profile & Get Verified

    If you publish music on Amazon Music, you can easily authenticate your artist profile through Amazon Music for Artists. Here's the process.

    1. Go to artists.amazonmusic.com and log in using your Amazon account credentials.

    2. Choose your artist name and fill out all the necessary information.

    3. Expedite the verification process by providing additional details like social media links and other relevant information.

    Once your verification is complete on Amazon Music for Artists, you gain access to comprehensive analytics and data regarding how your music performs on the platform.

    This service provides valuable insights across various metrics such as streaming figures, playlist placements, voice search interactions, and more. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can discover through Amazon Music for Artists.



    How Does Amazon Music for Artists Work?

    Stream Counts & Top Songs

    Similar to other streaming analytics platforms, Amazon Music for Artists enables you to customize time periods to view total streams, total listeners, and track-specific stream counts.



    Playlists & Stations

    Whenever your music gets included in Amazon's playlists or stations, you'll see them listed on your artist dashboard.



    Voice Requests

    You can monitor Amazon Voice Requests through the platform. Whenever someone uses voice commands to request your artist name, albums, tracks, or lyrics on devices like Alexa, these interactions are recorded and visible in your dashboard.

    The Daily Voice Index also evaluates your music's performance on a scale from 'Cool' to 'Fire', based on the frequency of Alexa voice searches compared to other artists with similar audience sizes.


    Fans & Superfans

    Have you ever wondered about the true extent of your music's popularity? Amazon for Artists examines your streaming statistics to categorize your audience into 'fans' and 'superfans'.

    This data provides valuable insights into the level of engagement your listeners have with your music. But how exactly does Amazon differentiate between Fans and Superfans?


    Fans are individuals who revisit your music after their initial listen, add your tracks to their personal music libraries or playlists, follow your profile, or purchase your digital or physical products.

    These fans contribute to over 50% of your streams, and more than one-third of them will continue streaming your music over the next 30 days.


    Superfans represent a smaller yet highly devoted segment of your most loyal supporters. They account for nearly one-third of your total streams, and the majority of them will continue listening to your tracks in the upcoming month.



    Integrate Twitch

    Amazon Music for Artists also allows you to link your Twitch channel, providing an integrated experience. Here’s how you can set it up:


    1. Sign in to your Amazon Music for Artists account.

    2. Go to Profile & Tools and find the option to Connect Twitch Channel.

    3. Log in to your Twitch account to establish the connection.


    After linking your Amazon and Twitch accounts, your fans can view your Twitch streams directly within the Amazon Music app!


    Amazon Music for Artists offers robust analytics features such as Voice Requests that are unique in the industry. As Amazon's music service gains ground against competitors like Spotify and Apple Music, now is the ideal moment to explore your data and make a meaningful impact on the platform.


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