HIGHVIBES Launches Lalafund: Empowering Artists with Innovative Funding Solutions


    HIGHVIBES, a trailblazing force in the music industry, proudly announces the launch of Lalafund, a

    groundbreaking platform powered by ChordcashAI. Lalafund revolutionizes the way artists access

    funding, providing tailored solutions to propel their careers while retaining full ownership of their

    creative works.


    In an industry where financial support often comes at the cost of artistic autonomy, Lalafund is a

    game-changer. HIGHVIBES clients now have exclusive access to a range of funding options, allowing

    them to advance in their careers while preserving 100% ownership of their rights.


    Key Features of Lalafund:

    Generous Advances: Lalafund offers HIGHVIBES clients the opportunity to receive advances of up to

    8 times their annual streaming income, providing a substantial boost to their artistic pursuits.


    Rapid Funding: Recognizing the urgency of artists' needs, Lalafund ensures a swift turnaround, with

    funding disbursed in a matter of days to weeks.


    Retained Ownership: Unlike traditional funding models, Lalafund empowers artists to maintain

    complete ownership of their creative works. HIGHVIBES believes that artists should not have to

    compromise their rights for financial support.


    Distribution and Funding Combined: As part of the Lalafund experience, HIGHVIBES not only

    distributes artists' music but also provides crucial funding support. This integrated approach

    streamlines the process, offering artists a one-stop solution for both distribution and financial backing


    Flexible Terms: Lalafund understands that each artist's journey is unique. With flexibility in interest

    rates, subject to approval, diligence, and conditions, Lalafund tailors its solutions to meet the diverse

    needs of artists.


    HIGHVIBES CEO Mr. Mathias Ogunade expresses enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "Lalafund is a

    testament to our commitment to empowering artists. We believe in providing not just financial

    support but also the tools for artists to thrive on their terms. Lalafund is a game-changer, and we are

    excited to see the positive impact it will have on the creative community."


    About HIGHVIBES:

    HIGHVIBES is a leading force in the music industry, dedicated to empowering artists and transforming

    the landscape of music distribution and funding. With Lalafund, HIGHVIBES continues to pioneer

    innovative solutions that prioritize artists' independence and success.


    For inquiries, please contact:



    About ChordcashAI:

    ChordcashAI powers Lalafund with cutting-edge technology, leveraging artificial intelligence to

    optimize funding solutions for artists


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