Apple Music for Artists: How to Get Verified on Apple Music

    If you haven't already, now is the time to claim your Apple Music artist page and become verified.

    An Apple Music for Artists account provides insights into your music's statistics and performance, allowing you to track where your tracks are being streamed and playlisted on the platform.

    Before you can access Apple Music for Artists to track your music, you must release your music on Apple Music, claim your artist page, and verify your identity.



    How to claim your Apple Music artist page

    Access to Apple Music for Artists is granted once your music is available on the platform or after your first release is uploaded to HIGHVIBES and accepted by Apple Music. You'll receive your Pre-Save SmartLink to confirm acceptance.


    How to register for Apple Music for Artists:

    1. Visit artists.apple.com.

    2. Click on "Sign Up" and then select "Request Artist Access."

    3. Paste your iTunes Store artist link into the provided text box.

    4. Choose your artist name and complete the verification process.


    How to locate your iTunes Store artist link:

    1. Search for your artist name and go to your artist profile on iTunes.

    2. Click on the three dots located on the right-hand side of the screen.

    3. Choose "Share Artist" and then click on "Copy Link".

    If you don't have an iTunes artist profile yet but have uploaded your first release to HIGHVIBES and received your Pre-Save SmartLink, you can email support@highvibesdistribution to request your iTunes Store artist link before your release date.


    How to update your Apple Music artist profile picture:

    Once you’re logged into your Apple Music for Artists account, you can change your artist profile picture by clicking on the ‘Manage’ tab. Then, click ‘Upload Image’ and choose your new profile picture. It may take up to 48 hours for the image to be approved. 

    Apple may reject your artist profile picture if it doesn't comply with their guidelines. Ensure you upload high-resolution images without any added text, logos, or explicit content. A straightforward, high-res headshot is ideal. You can review Apple Music’s complete guidelines and rules for artist profile pictures here.


    How does Apple Music for Artists work?

    Apple Music for Artists enables you to monitor various statistics and trends related to your music's performance on the platform. Here are some of the stats you can view!


    The Overview tab provides top-level statistics about your music on Apple Music and iTunes, including total plays, average monthly listeners, song purchases, and Shazam music requests.

    You'll also receive notifications about specific insights here, such as streaming milestones, location-based achievements, and more.


    The Trends section of your Apple Music for Artists account allows you to delve deeper into the data behind your music.

    You can use the drop-down menus to filter your streams by individual songs, playlists, locations, ages, genders, and more.


    With Apple Music’s Places data, you can discover how many plays, downloads and Shazams your music is getting in specific regions of the world.


    Tip: Utilize your Trends and Places data to adjust your promotional strategies. For instance, if you notice significant streaming activity in France, consider boosting your marketing budget specifically in that region.

    Your Music

    Navigate to the Your Music section of your account to analyze individual tracks and releases. This tab also includes data on radio spins.

    A Radio Spin is recorded whenever a listener plays your track for more than 30 seconds on an Apple Music radio station. These stations are created either by users selecting a song or artist to generate a custom station, or by Apple Music's curated radio stations.

    Apple Music for Artists is an invaluable tool for exploring the data behind your streams and devising your marketing strategies. If you haven't already, claim your account now!


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