AI Tools for Artwork: 10 Fantastic Apps to Create Your Artwork

    You've likely seen AI-generated artwork while browsing social media lately. With the advancement and accessibility of AI-assisted artwork generators, musicians now have a fresh way to create striking artwork designs.
    AI tools can assist in creating custom designs for your EP or LP release, jumpstarting your creative campaigns with just a few keywords to get started.



    Creating album artwork with AI

    In 2024, musicians have an abundance of tools to create stunning artwork. AI production and songwriting tools offer valuable assistance, and AI can also generate image inspiration for new tracks, adding a futuristic touch to your brand. With an increasing number of AI music tools available, we've compiled a list of top artwork generators for your next album images.




    AI tools for creating artwork for musicians

    DALL.E 2
    OpenAI's DALL.E 2 system swiftly generates realistic images and art based on any natural language description you provide, making it ideal for creating intricate and captivating artwork.



    NightCafe Creator transforms your written prompts into images using advanced machine-learning technology. When you sign up, you receive a daily allotment of free credits to explore and experiment with the tool's features.



    Shutterstock has collaborated with OpenAI's DALL-E technology to offer AI-generated artwork to a larger audience. Additionally, Shutterstock is the first AI image generator to compensate creators for their contributions to the AI process.



    Fotor is a free photo editor that lets you experiment with basic image editing tools. You can also explore special features like AI photo effects, HDR, and RGB, which are unique to Fotor.



    Starryai is an AI art generator application that turns text into artistic creations. It's an excellent choice for those new to AI, and it's accessible for free on both iOS and Android platforms.



    Stability.ai is an image generator that creates images based on textual instructions. It was developed by training the AI on images and their corresponding captions gathered from the internet, enabling the AI to understand how to interpret verbal commands for illustration purposes.



    Deep Dream Generator
    Deep Dream Generator utilizes AI to transform text inputs into unique images, ensuring each creation is distinct without duplicates. The platform offers three modes for generating art and provides advanced controls for users to customize and refine their images.



    Runway ML
    RunwayML is a user-friendly platform designed for artists to harness machine learning tools effortlessly, even without coding experience. It allows users to utilize pre-trained machine learning models for various media types including video, audio, and text, enabling tasks like generating photorealistic images and creating image captions.



    Jasper Art
    Jasper Art enables users to generate images based on their input descriptions, whether detailed or brief, making it ideal for designing album covers. Additionally, Jasper AI provides tools for songwriting assistance, offering a comprehensive suite for creative projects.



    Dream by WOMBO
    WOMBO.ai is a tech startup dedicated to bringing delight through AI-driven experiences tailored for consumers. Generate stunning artwork effortlessly by providing a simple prompt and letting the technology work its magic.



    AI technology in the music industry has sparked debate by offering advanced tools that streamline creative processes traditionally associated with musicianship. Despite this, the AI artwork generators listed here can be valuable aids in the artwork creation process. They offer alternative designs from your initial concepts, providing you and your band with a wider range of options to select album artwork that resonates with your fans.


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